Boise and Meridian Idaho Tile

Tile is one of the most beautiful and durable surfaces you can put in your home. In the bathroom, when installed correctly it excels at moisture containment and cleanliness. In the kitchen, it protects your walls from damage keeps your floor looking great in all seasons.

Porcelain and ceramic are the most common types of tile. They can be used for flooring in the living room and kitchen, for bathroom tile, or for backsplashes. These tiles have low moisture absorption. Porcelain tile comes in as many different colors and finishes as you can imagine! Most of the time, the tile patterns are printed or stamped onto the surface of the tiles. Ceramic tile is generally used in wet areas, such as backsplashes and shower walls. It tends to have a glossy, slick finish. Tile to be used on floors is often specifically designed to prevent slipping.

Glass, metal, and other specialty tiles are used as accents in larger installations. When considering their placement in your design, be sure to take into consideration the manufacturers’ recommendations regarding heat, moisture, and maintenance. It’s difficult to replace just one or two tiles in a backsplash!

Natural stone tile such as travertine is great for floors in the kitchen and other rooms. Once the stone is sealed, it is resistant to moisture penetration and stains, mopping up easily. Nicks and scratches in travertine are barely noticeable and add to the charm of the material, since it looks the same all the way through.

Boise and Meridian Idaho Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Ceramic Bathroom Tile

Boise and Meridian Idaho Metal Tile Backsplash Accent

Metal Tile Backsplash Accent

Boise and Meridian Idaho Stone Fireplace Facade

Stone Fireplace Facade

Boise and Meridian Idaho Natural Stone Tile Floor

Natural Stone Tile Floor

Your home or business can be significantly improved by applying the right tile to the right surface! Contact us today to request a Free Design Consultation and let our team of experienced designers work with you to find the best solution for your floors, bathrooms, and kitchen.

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